Studio 951

Established in 1994, Dave Johnson founded studio951 in Lincoln, Nebraska with the vision of providing innovative architectural design and prioritizing the service that goes into the client experience. A team of talented design professionals honed their craft and built a portfolio that includes clients across the commercial, retail, restaurant, multi-family, education, and healthcare markets. 

In September 2019, studio951 merged forces with the Midwest-based, 399+ person A+E firm Shive-Hattery, and began operating as studio951, a Division of Shive-Hattery. Now fully integrated for over a year and a half we have been successfully utilizing the One Firm approach with 11 other Shive-Hattery offices and across the Midwest. By blending our local 25-year history, experience, and relationships into a dynamic partnership we collectively use our design expertise and resources to deliver successful projects and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients and the community.

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